Columnal material for corner of folding storage pallet



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form a column for corner of a folding type storage pallet, in which the column can be easily and surely positioned and the need for grinder finish can be eliminated by fitting a bottom plate for closing a lower end opening of an upper column into the opening to weld it to the opening. SOLUTION: A bottom plate 2 for closing a lower end opening of an upper column 1 is formed in such a manner that a raised portion 2a is provided by press work at approximately central portion of each of four sides of a square flat steel plate having the same configuration and dimension as the transverse cross section of the column 1. When the plate 2 is fitted into the lower end opening of the culumn 1, the raised portions 2a contact the inner surfaces of the lower end of the column 1 and other flat plate portion 2b is brought into close contact with the lower end surface of the column 1 and hence lateral slippage can be avoided. As a result, by welding four raised portions 2a to the inner wall surfaces of the column 1 in contact with the portions, the portions and the surfaces can be made integral to one another and a deposit 4 of welded metal, is prevented from projecting from the lower end of column 1 and hence grinder finish is not required. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 製品や部品等の輸送箱として使用される折り 畳み式収納パレットのコーナー柱を構成する上部柱を提 供する。 【解決課題】 上部柱の下端開口部には、同上部柱の横 断面形状と同形、同大の平板の周辺部の複数箇所に当該 上部柱の内壁面に内接する打ち起こし部分を設けた底板 が嵌合され、前記打ち起こし部分が上部柱に溶接されて いる。




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