Pole-top safety belt attaching tool



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a pole-top safety belt attaching tool which is not opened even if something wrong happens to a tightening means such as a bolt, a butterfly nut, etc., and by which a pole-top safety belt can be attached easily. SOLUTION: A pole-top safety belt is attached to a cable 49 having a messenger wire 40 by a pole-top safety belt attaching tool. In the pole-top safety belt attaching tool, the upper parts of a pair of attaching members 2 and 3 whose top parts are linked with each other with a hinge are formed into round surrounding parts 7 and 7 which surround the cable 39 and the lower parts of the pair of the attaching members 2 and 3 are extended downward vertically to form folded plates 10 and 11. Wire holding parts 8 and 9 which hold the messenger wire 4 by opening and closing the attaching members 2 and 3 are formed in the upper part of the inner circumference of the surrounding parts 7 and 7 and retaining holes 12 and 13 with which the retaining metal fitting of a safety belt is retained are formed in the respective folded plates 10 and 11. Above the retaining holes 12 and 13, a fixing screw is made to protrude from the upper part of one 11 of the folded plates 10 and 11 toward the other folded plate 10 in which a through-hole 16 through which the the fixing screw is inserted when the attaching members 2 and 3 are closed is formed and the fixing screw is mated with a nut member 6 by which the folded plates 2 and 3 are tightened. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 万一ボルト及び蝶ナット等の締結手段に異常 をきたしても開くことのない取り付け容易な柱上安全帯 取付具を提供する。 【解決手段】 メッセンジャーワイヤ40を有するケー ブル39に柱上安全帯を取り付けるための柱上安全帯取 付具において、上部をひんじ連結された一対の取付部材 2,3の上部に、ケーブル39を囲繞する囲繞部7,7 を形成すると共にその下方に一体に垂直に延びた合せ板 部10,11を形成し、その囲繞部7,7の上部内周に それぞれ上記メッセンジャーワイヤ40を取付部材2, 3の開閉で挾むワイヤ挾持部8,9を形成し、上記それ ぞれの合せ板部10,11に安全帯の止め金具を掛け止 めるための係合穴12,13を形成し、その係合穴1 2,13の上方の合せ板部10,11の一方に他方の合 せ板部10に向って固定ネジを突設すると共にその他方 の合せ板部10に取付部材2,3の開閉時に固定ネジを 挿通するための挿通穴16を形成し、上記固定ネジに閉 じた取付部材2,3の合せ板部10,11同志を締め付 けるナット部材6を螺合したものである。




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