Alarm for emergency



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To speedily and exactly report an emergency state to the outside and to take measures for speedily relieving a victim. SOLUTION: A bell 3 is supported by protruding a supporting shaft 2 at the center of pedestal 1, striking elements 5 for patting the bell 1 through the stress of elastic instruments 4 are respectively installed at several suitable positions of peripheral part, and several lines of guide grooves 6a are opened on a peripheral folded element 1a of pedestal 1 and used as guide grooves for vertically moving the patting elements 5. A lid body 7 in the shape of cover lid forming a folded element 7a is fitted through the elastic force of respective elastic instruments 4 for supporting the striking elements 5 to the pedestal 1 so as to be idly moved up and down, and a notched groove 8 for stopping the respective striking elements 5 at the time of returning these elements is provided at the peripheral part of folded element 7a. When the lid body 7 moves down, at the same time, outer head parts 5a of respective striking elements 5 are pushed down against the elastic force of elastic instruments 4, the lock due to the outer head parts 5a is automatically escaped and released at the position where push-down is fixed, and the bell 3 is simultaneously patted while utilizing the elastic force of elastic instruments 4. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】外部に該緊急事態を急速、且つ的確に報知し、 以て犠牲者の迅速な救出措置を図る。 【解決手段】器台1の中央に支承軸2を突出設けて鐘体 3を支承し、周部適宜数ケ所に弾機4の反撥力を介して 鐘体3を打叩する打叩片5を各設置すると共に上記器台 1の周部折曲片1aに数条の案内溝6を切開設け、打叩 片5の上下可動時の案内溝とする。折曲片7aを形成し てなる帽蓋形状の蓋体7を器台1に打叩片5を支承する 各弾機4の弾機力を介して上下遊動自在に嵌合行わしめ ると共に該折曲片7aの周部に上記各打叩片5の戻動時 にこれを制止する切欠溝8を切欠設ける。蓋体7の下動 と同時に各打叩片5の外頭部5aを弾機4の弾撥力に抗 して下方に押下げ、押下げが一定の箇所において外頭部 5aによる係止を自動的に離脱開放し、弾機4の弾撥戻 動力を利用して鐘体3を一斉に打叩行わしめる。




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