Repaired snow melting roof structure



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide efficient snow melting function by disposing sash bars at specified spaces in a flow direction, disposing lining material and new roofing without a clearance on the sash bars, and interposing a sheetlike heating body between the lining material and the new roofing. SOLUTION: Sash bars 1 are disposed on existing roofing E, at specified spaces parallelly with a flow direction, and a heat insulating layer 2 is filled between the sash bars 1 so as to be almost flush with the upper face of the sash bars 1. Lower stage lining material 3 is laid on the sash bars 1 and the heat insulating layers 2, and a sheetlike heating body 4 is laid on the lining material 3 so as to be parallel with the longitudinal direction of the lining material 3. After connecting a lead wire, lower stage new roofing 5 is placed in such a way as to hide the sheetlike heating body 4, and fixed to roof backing A through the lining material 3 by a fixture α from the upper part of a fixed piece of the new roofing 5. Heat generated from the sheet-like heating body is thereby hindered from infiltrating into a house and can be used as heat source for melting snow.
(57)【要約】 【目的】 本発明は各種屋根を外装を改修すると同時 に、効率の良い融雪機能を有する屋根を形成するもので ある。 【構成】 各種の既存屋根材E上において、流れ方向に 平行に所定間隔をもって配した桟木1と、桟木1間に配 した断熱層2と、桟木1上に隙間なく配した断熱性を有 する裏打材3と、裏打材3上に敷設した多数枚の新規屋 根材5からなる外装部Gと、裏打材3と外装部Gの間に 介在させたシート状発熱体4とから構成するものであ る。




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