Beverage supply device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily remove a sponge ball for cleaning the beverage scale, fed in a hose together with washing water from the upstream side on washing the beverage circuit, to the outside without disassembling a beverage supply valve. SOLUTION: In a beverage circuit constituted of devices from a draft beer casks 1 to a beverage supply valve 4 through a cooling coil 3 and a hose 5, a three-way changeover cock 9 for maintenance is assembled in the shank 4b of the beverage supply valve as a removal means of a sponge ball 8 for scavenging the beverage scale from the front position of the valve body to the outside together with the washing water fed in the hose from the upstream side on washing the beverage circuit and the cock is changed over on washing the circuit to discharge the washed waste water and sponge ball 8 through a drain discharge port 4h opened at the lower face of the shank of the valve. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】飲料回路の洗浄時に上流側から洗浄水とともに ホース内に送り込んだ飲料滓除去用のスポンジ玉を、飲 料供給バルブを分解することなく、簡単に外部に取り出 せるようにする。 【解決手段】生ビール樽1から冷却コイル3を経て飲料 供給バルブ4との間にホース5を配管してなる飲料回路 に対し、飲料回路の洗浄時に上流側からホース内に送り 込んだ洗浄水,および飲料滓除去用のスポンジ玉8を飲 料供給バルブの弁体手前箇所から外部に排出するための 手段とし、メンテナンス用三方切換コック9を飲料供給 バルブのシャンク4bに組み込み、飲料回路の洗浄時に コックを切換えて洗浄排液,スポンジ玉8をバルブのシ ャンク下面に開口したドレン排出ポート4hを通じて外 部に排出する。




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