Metal halide lamp, its lighting device, floodlight device and projector device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a metal halide lamp, its lighting device and flood light device, and a projector device in which no occurrence of temperature difference allowed in an arc tube, and stable luminosity characteristics are obtained. SOLUTION: In a metal halide lamp 1 DC-lighted at 10mm or less of distance between electrodes, when a distance between a pair of electrodes 21 is designated as L(mm), a distance from the center position between the electrodes 21 to the base end portion of an anode 21a, as N, and a distance between the inner end portions of a discharge space in the facing direction of the electrodes, as 2a, following relationship, 0.1<=(N-a)/L<=2.3 is to be satisfied. A center position between the electrodes 21 is deflected to the cathode 21b side, and the anode 21a is fitted relatively close the cathode 21b. Therefore, the heat of the anode 21a is transferred to the cathode 12b side by radiation and conduction, the temperature difference between the anode 21a side and the cathode 21b side is lessened in a sealed container. Thereby, the evaporation of metal halide is stabilized so that luminous characteristics become excellent.
(57)【要約】 【課題】発光管に温度差が生じないようにし、安定した 発光特性が得られるメタルハライドランプとその点灯装 置および投光装置ならびにプロジェクタ装置を提供す る。 【解決手段】電極間距離が10mm以下で直流点灯される メタルハライドランプにおいて、一対の電極間の距離を L(mm)、電極間の中心位置から陽極の基端部までの距 離をN、電極が対向された方向の放電空間の内端部の間 の距離を2aとした場合、 0.1≦(N−a)/L≦ 2.3 としたことを特徴とする。電極間の中心位置が 陰極側に偏位されるようになり、陽極が相対的に陰極寄 りに取り付けられることになる。よって陽極の熱が輻射 や伝導により陰極側に伝えられ、気密容器においては陽 極側と陰極側の温度差が少なくなる。このため金属ハロ ゲン化物の蒸発が安定になり、発光特性が良好になる。




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