Cord body

紐 体


PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve appearance by using a metallic connection tool so as to mount a cord and molding a synthetic resin in the form of covering the connection tool. SOLUTION: The cord 2 is held in a space part 5 and attached to a metallic U-shaped connection tool 1 and a window hole 6 is pierced on the connection tool 1. In a state where the cord 2 is attached, a molding part 9 is integrally molded by the insertion molding of the synthetic resin in the form of covering the connection tool 1. At the time of the molding, a connection ring 8 is molded and the space part 5 and the window hole 6 are filled with the synthetic resin as well. As a result, the cord 2 is rigidly attached to the connection tool and this cord body such as a hand carrying cord or the like with beautiful appearance provided with the connection ring 8 on one end is completed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 紐を装着するのに金属製の連結具を用い、連 結具を包被する形態に合成樹脂を成形し体裁のよい手提 紐などの紐体を得る。 【構成】 金属製のコ字状の連結具1に紐2を空間部5 に挟持させて取付け、この連結具1には窓孔6が穿たれ ている。紐2を取付けた状態で連結具1を包被する形態 に合成樹脂のインサート成形によって、成形部9を一体 成形する。この成形時に連結環8を成形するとともに、 合成樹脂は空間部5および窓孔6をも充填する、その結 果紐2は連結具1に強固に取付けられ、かつ一端に連結 環8を備えた美しく体裁のよい手提紐などの紐体が完成 する。




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