Encapsulating resin



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To enable the satisfactory performances to be exhibited by making encapsulating resin of an olefin base resin for the purpose of cost down. SOLUTION: A bobbin 2 is molded with resin. The resin is preferably the same as an encapsulating resin 5. Next, solenoid coils 3 are made by winding a wiring material a specific number of turns around the bobbins 2. Next, a terminal 4 is caulk.pressure fixed in a wire rod end of solenoid coil 3 to be connected. Successively, respective members (bobbins 2, solenoid coils 3 and terminal 4) are encapsulated with the encapsulating resin 5. At this time, the encapsulating resin 5 is specified to be polypropylene of a flow rate exceeding 0.5cc/sec and of a melting point exceeding 120°C by the Koka type flow test. Through these procedures, the title encapsulating resin exhibiting satisfactory performances capable of making cost down feasible can be manufactured. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】コストダウンを図ることが可能で十分な性能を 有するソレノイドの封止成形用樹脂を提供する。 【解決手段】封止成形用樹脂5を用いて各部材(ボビン 2、ソレノイドコイル3、端子4)を封止する。封止成 形用樹脂5の材質はオレフィン系樹脂(ポリプロピレン など)で、流動性は高化式フローテストによる流れ値が 0.5cc/sec以上で、融点は120℃以上であ る。




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