Touch panel type input device



(57)【要約】 【課題】 表示面の視認を妨げることなく操作時のクリ ック感が得られる透明なタッチパネル型入力装置を簡単 な構成のもとに安価に提供すること、操作時のクリック 感が得られると同時に表示の高密度化が容易なタッチパ ネル型入力装置を提供すること。 【解決手段】 表示装置2とその上方に透明なタッチパ ネル型キーユニット3を配設した入力装置において、キ ーユニット3を弾性支持部材4により昇降可能に支承 し、キーユニット3自体の下降動に伴うクリック感を指 先に反映させるようにしたことを特徴とする。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a transparent touch panel input device which can secure the click feeling in its operation mode without disturbing the visual recognition on its surface by moving down the touch panel itself against the elastic members by a depressing operation and actuating a switch by the depressing force. SOLUTION: An LCD display device 2 is fixed to a 1 and an oblong touch panel type key unit 3 is placed at a position near above the surface of the device 2. Then the unit 3 is supported in an up-down way at a position where a proper space is secured against the device 2 with the elastic support members 4 prepares at very corner part at the back of the unit 3. At the same time, The stoppers 5 are provided at the proper positions to control the downward movement of the unit 3. In such a constitution, the depressed unit 3 is moved down against the force of the members 4. Then the click feeling caused by the downward movement of the unit 3 is reflected on a finger tip, and also a switch part position at the corresponding coordinate of the unit 3 is actuated.




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