Production of styrene copolymer latex



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain the subject latex having excellent polymerization controllability, productivity, etc., by using a polymerizer provided with a specific agitation apparatus in the emulsion polymerization of vinyl monomers containing styrene-based monomer as essential component in the absence of rubber latex. SOLUTION: The polymerizer for the production of the subject latex is provided with a stirring shaft 1 having a lower stage paddle blade 3 consisting of sweepback blades with a sweepback angle of 30-60° at the tip end of the blade and a flat paddle blade 2 tilted by an angle of 30-60° relatively to the main blade of the lower stage paddle blade and bonded to the upper stage. The stirring shaft is placed at the center of the polymerizer and 1-4 flat baffle plates 4 are placed near the wall of the polymerizer. The polymerization is carried out under a stirring condition falling within the range defined by the linear line passing the points S and T and the linear line passing the points Y and Z, more preferably defined by the linear line passing the points U and V and the linear line passing the points S and T in the figure 1 comprising a log-log graph of the capacity of the polymerizer and the rotational number of the stirring blade. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】従来の重合方法に比較し、重合時の凝集物発生 量ならびに撹拌翼、邪魔板、槽壁等の重合槽内のスケー ル付着量を低減でき、乳化重合時の操業性改善、収率向 上の効果が大きいスチレン系共重合体ラテックスの製造 方法を提供する。 【解決手段】スチレン系単量体を必須成分とする2種以 上のビニル単量体を、特定の下段パドル翼およびフラッ トパドル翼を接合した撹拌軸を重合槽中心部に設けると ともに重合槽壁近傍に平板型邪魔板を配設した重合装置 で、特定の撹拌条件で乳化重合する。




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