Elevator and method of controlling thereof



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To save space for a plurality of elevators which are installed by connecting a pair of cars with a rope, and by providing a linear motor serving as a counterweight between the cars. SOLUTION: A pair of cars 1 are connected together by a rope 3, and a linear motor 4 serving as a counterweight is provided between the cars. Auxiliary wind-up machines 5, 6 are provided in the upper part, and the linear motor 4 and the auxiliary wind-up machine 5, 6 are forcibly connected to a control device 7. At this time, a load is set in a range in which a load is in a range which the load is not affected by the car load, and accordingly, it cope with the combination of the winding capability of the linear motor 4 and the winding capabilities of the auxiliary wind-up machines 5, 6. Thus, since only one linear motor 4 is used for the pair of cars so as to dispense with two linear motors provided respectively to the pair of cars. With this arrangement, it is possible to save a space for the elevators, thereby it is possible to enhance the efficiency. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 本発明は、リニアモータを応用したエレベー タに関し、複数のエレベータを設置しようとする場合 に、省スペース化と構造の複雑化における課題を解消す ることである。 【解決手段】 1対の籠1,2をロープ3で連結し、該 両籠1,2間にカウンターウエイト兼用のリニアモータ 4を設けたことである。




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