Liquid fuel combustor



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To effectively reduce the exhaust of fuel evaporated component by providing a heating means put substantially in contact with a fuel absorber to heat the fuel absorber, separately from an igniting means. SOLUTION: A cast heater 7 is provided in close contact with the outer periphery of a fuel absorber 8. Heat generated by an electric heater 71 in the cast heater 7 is therefore transferred to all cylindrical heating part 72 made of metal with excellent heat conductivity, substantially not via air with relatively poor heat conductivity, so that the whole outer periphery of the metal fuel absorber 8 can uniformly be heated. In addition, heat from a glow plug 51 is transferred to the inner circumference of the fuel absorber 8. In this way, liquid fuel staying in the fuel absorber 8 is efficiently evaporated. Mixture of fuel evaporated component and air fed from a blower 6 is formed in a mixing cylinder 41 in a combustion chamber 4 to start ignition and combustion.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 燃料蒸発成分の排出を効果的に低減できる液 体燃料燃焼装置を提供する。 【解決手段】 略筒状の燃料吸収体8には液体燃料が導 入され、電気ヒータを内蔵する鋳込ヒータ7が、この燃 料吸収体8の外周面に密接して設けられている。




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