Method for controlling job progress and its system



(57)【要約】 【課題】 従来、作業の進め方そのものに自由度がある 事項を依頼した際に、依頼した内容の進捗状況が管理で きない、被依頼者に進捗状況を報告させることが依頼業 務の作業の遅延の原因となる等の問題がある。 【解決手段】 本発明は、被依頼者が、依頼されたタス クの作業項目及び作業計画をして依頼者に通知し、依頼 者は、依頼者から作業終了が通知されると、作業項目毎 に進捗状況を管理し、依頼者が申告した作業計画の期日 が過ぎても作業終了が通知されない場合には、督促また は、状況説明を求めるメッセージを被依頼者に通知す る。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To independently execute a job adding the degree of freedom and to automatically report job completion to a client by sharing the execution plan of the job which is generated by means of a requested client with a requesting client and reporting its progress conditions. SOLUTION: After the requesting client 100 transmits job information indicating job contents to be executed and its deadline to a mailbox possessed y the requested client 200 by a job requesting means 110, the requested client 200 generates the execution plan of the job which is requested from the requesting client 100 by a plan generating means 210, registers it in a self device by a sharing means 220 and transmits it to the requesting client 100. Then, a progress conditionreporting means 230 reports the progress conditions of the execution plan to the requesting client 100. The requesting client 100 holds the execution plan and a progress condition control means controls the progress conditions at every work day based on a work completion report from the requested client 200. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO




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