Childproof pouring-out port plug



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent a liquid content from being easily poured out when a hat-shape external cap is simply opened by infants and toddlers without enough judgment, and prevent a drinking by mistake, etc., from generating by a simple structure for a pouring-out port plug which is attached to a medium or large sized paper container for liquid made of a paper laminated material to house non-edible liquid such as chemicals, lubricant or liquid detergent. SOLUTION: A pouring-out port plug is constituted by providing a cylindrical plug body 20 which has a flange part 21 on the lower external wall, and a hat-shape external cap 30 which is spirally fitted on the external wall of the cylindrical plug body 20, and opens or closes the pouring-out port by rotating. In this case, a hat-shape internal plug 10 which has a liquid pouring-out port 11 and an air suction hole 12 at locations being confronted to each other on the side wall, and is liquid-tightly fitted in the internal wall of the cylindrical plug body 20, and opens or closes the pouring-out port by vertically moving, is provided. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】薬品類や潤滑油や液体洗剤などの非食用液体を 収容する、中,大型の紙積層材料製の液体用紙容器に取 付ける注出口栓であって、判断力が伴わない乳,幼児な どが、面白半分に帽子状の外キャップ(30)を開蓋しただ けでは、簡単に液体内容物を注出できない、簡単な構造 で誤飲するなどの重大な事故を防止できるチャイルドプ ルーフ注出口栓を提供する。 【解決手段】下部外壁に鍔状部(21)を有する円筒状の口 栓体(20)と、この円筒状の口栓体(20)の外壁に螺旋状に 嵌合して、回転して開蓋,閉蓋する帽子状の外キャップ (30)とを備えた、液体用紙容器に取付けるプラスチック 製の注出口栓において、側壁の対向する位置に液注出孔 (11)と空気吸入孔(12)とを有する、円筒状の口栓体(20) の内壁に液密に嵌合して、上下動して開栓,閉栓する帽 子状の内口栓(10)を設けたチャイルドプルーフ注出口 栓。




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