Centerless grinding machine



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily realize the working with extremely excellent accuracy at a low cost by tiltably supporting a adjusting wheel base body on one side in the axial direction of a adjusting wheel around the horizontal axis, and providing an eccentric shaft parallel to the horizontal axis on the other side in an adjustable manner. SOLUTION: In adjusting the tiltation of the axis 4c of a adjusting wheel 4, a fixing bolt 19 and a lock bolt 21 are loosened, and, e.g. a hexagonal wrench is engaged with a tool handle 15c of the shaft end of an eccentric shaft 15 and turned. Then, the axis of an intermediate shaft of the eccentric shaft 15 is moved in the vertical direction, a adjusting wheel base body 11 is turned around a fixed shaft 14, and tilted, and the axis 4a of the adjusting wheel is tilted in an approximately perpendicular plane including the center of the adjusting wheel 4. The distance between the intermediate shaft of the eccentric shaft 15 and the fixed shaft 14 is changed, and a bearing bracket 18 is guided by a guide member 17. When adjustment is completed, the lock bolt 21 is tightened to fix the eccentric shaft 15 and the bearing bracket 18, and the fixing bolt 19 is tightened to fix the bearing bracket 18 to a adjusting wheel base body fitting table 16. COPYRIGHT: (C)1997,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 製作容易で支持が強固な心無し研削盤の傾動 装置の提供が目的である。 【解決手段】 調整車4を支持する調整車台本体11を 固定軸14と、偏心軸15で支持する。偏心軸を支持す る左右方向へ移動自在な軸受ブラケット18は固定ボル ト19で固定され、偏心軸はロックボルト21で固定さ れている。固定ボルト19、ロックボルト21を弛めて 偏心軸15を回動すると調整車軸4aは傾く。




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