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JP-H09130995-A: 無停電電源装置 patent, JP-H09131262-A: Vacuum bottle patent, JP-H09131651-A: Centerless grinding machine patent, JP-H09132203-A: Device for controlling direction of container patent, JP-H09132254-A: Childproof pouring-out port plug patent, JP-H09132791-A: Mist oil composition patent, JP-H09132811-A: Recovery of organic solvent patent, JP-H09132934-A: 流路内に設けられる板材の接合構造 patent, JP-H09133084-A: Multiple gear pump patent, JP-H09134392-A: Method for controlling job progress and its system patent, JP-H09134547-A: 光学記録媒体およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H09135714-A: ピアス patent, JP-H09136202-A: 耐摩耗性を増加させた酸化物被膜切削工具 patent, JP-H09136321-A: ワイヤソーのワーク切断装置 patent, JP-H09136339-A: Optimizing method for coating and molding method of three-dimensional hollow molding patent, JP-H09136665-A: 車体後側部の補強構造 patent, JP-H09137721-A: Emission control device for automobile patent, JP-H09138118-A: Method for setting image detecting condition patent, JP-H09140818-A: ケーブル又はケーブル管用防火カバー patent, JP-H09141146-A: スプレー缶用遠隔操作具 patent, JP-H09142131-A: 車載用空調装置 patent, JP-H09142135-A: Liquid fuel combustor patent, JP-H09142742-A: Elevator and method of controlling thereof patent, JP-H09143206-A: Production of styrene copolymer latex patent, JP-H09143988-A: 場所打ち杭の杭頭成形方法 patent, JP-H09144755-A: スライダのガイド機構、ガイド機構付き流体圧シリンダ、ガイド機構付き流体圧シリンダの組み付け方法 patent, JP-H09144-A: 製麺装置 patent, JP-H09145423-A: 記録装置における記録ペンの位置決め方法 patent, JP-H0914570-A: Earthquake resistance reinforcing device for life line pipe conduit patent, JP-H09146333-A: Color image forming device patent, JP-H09146546-A: 電子弦楽器 patent, JP-H09146706-A: Touch panel type input device patent, JP-H09147137-A: Method for generating three-dimensional image patent, JP-H09147352-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-H09147903-A: アルカリ蓄電池用の水素吸蔵合金電極 patent, JP-H09148119-A: Encapsulating resin patent, JP-H09148589-A: 半導体薄膜歪みゲージ素子 patent, JP-H09149811-A: Cord body patent, JP-H09151101-A: Microbicide composition and microbicidal method patent, JP-H0915151-A: Diffusion characteristic measuring device patent, JP-H09151548-A: 通風型建築物とその施工方法 patent, JP-H09152059-A: 既設管のライニング工法 patent, JP-H09152136-A: 加熱調理器 patent, JP-H09153348-A: Metal halide lamp, its lighting device, floodlight device and projector device patent, JP-H09153947-A: 相手先情報表示システム patent, JP-H09153948-A: 音声応答装置およびファクシミリサーバ装置 patent, JP-H09154038-A: Preamplifier for television camera patent, JP-H09154262-A: 発電機 patent, JP-H09156130-A: インクジェット記録装置およびインクジェット記録方法 patent, JP-H09156276-A: 両開き綴金具 patent, JP-H09156698-A: Beverage supply device patent, JP-H09157653-A: Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device using the same patent, JP-H09157982-A: スラブ調複合糸及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H09158300-A: 地下放水路装置 patent, JP-H09158410-A: Repaired snow melting roof structure patent, JP-H0915857-A: Colored image forming material, photosensitive solution using it, photosensitive element, and manufacture of color filter patent, JP-H09158755-A: 内燃機関の燃料供給制御装置 patent, JP-H0915917-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H09159185-A: 加熱調理器 patent, JP-H09159934-A: Finder for camera patent, JP-H09160034-A: Liquid crystal projector patent, JP-H09160154-A: ハロゲン化銀写真乳剤、及びハロゲン化銀写真感光材料 patent, JP-H09160743-A: 階層型メニューの自動作成方法 patent, JP-H09161029-A: 非接触icカードのデータアクセス装置 patent, JP-H09161156-A: Alarm for emergency patent, JP-H09161342-A: Optical pickup and optical disk device patent, JP-H09161792-A: アルカリ蓄電池の極板の製造方法 patent, JP-H09162415-A: 半導体装置およびその作製方法 patent, JP-H09162515-A: プリント配線板 patent, JP-H09163147-A: ディジタル複写機 patent, JP-H09163513-A: High voltage apparatus patent, JP-H09163531-A: Pole-top safety belt attaching tool patent, JP-H09163772-A: 車両用バックミラー装置 patent, JP-H09163973-A: Production of brewed vinegar by fermentation of garlic patent, JP-H09165037-A: Columnal material for corner of folding storage pallet patent, JP-H09165151-A: Safety device of elevator for construction work patent, JP-H09165295-A: Diamond single crystal little in defect and synthetic method therefor patent, JP-H09165593-A: 潤滑油組成物 patent, JP-H09166022-A: Engine cooler patent, JP-H09166048-A: Carburetor power fuel controller patent, JP-H09166401-A: 軸物ワークの芯振れ計測装置 patent, JP-H09167278-A: Prepaid card system and money receiving machine patent, JP-H09167831-A: 半導体記憶装置およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H09168741-A: 水素化脱硫触媒 patent, JP-H09169515-A: Production of gradient density aerogel patent, JP-H09169675-A: 1− ブロモ− 3,5 − ジフルオロベンゼンの製造方法 patent, JP-H09169677-A: アルコールの回収方法 patent, JP-H09169716-A: シアノエチル化物を主成分とする組成物 patent, JP-H09169718-A: 置換されたベンゼンジカルボン酸ジグアニジド、それらの製法、医薬または診断剤としてのそれらの使用およびそれらを含有する医薬 patent, JP-H09170268-A: 建築部材用継手装置 patent, JP-H09170366-A: Burglar preventive device patent, JP-H09171124-A: Ferrule for optical connector patent, JP-H09171369-A: Method and circuit for driving display device patent, JP-H09172534-A: Image edit device patent, JP-H09174074-A: Purifying tank patent, JP-H09174487-A: Sheet cutting machine patent, JP-H09175156-A: 自動車用空気調和装置の配管の防振構造 patent, JP-H09175398-A: Carrier patent, JP-H09175640-A: 搬送ケース及びこの搬送ケースを用いた仕分け装置 patent, JP-H09176162-A: チアゾリジンジオン誘導体及びその製造法並びにそれを含む医薬組成物 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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